Our British company with a Pyrenean base.

Enjoy the protection and peace of mind associated with  dealing with a British company yet benefit from local knowledge wherever you go. We will always have a local expert on hand, whichever country our tour is in. 

We offer the highest levels of support, whether it be logistical, legal, administrative or just the provision of a support vehicle, we are here to help.  

We offer a variety of innovative tours ranging from trail riding adventures through to our Bike & Hike holidays. From August 2023 onwards, we will even be able to offer the use of an electric motorcycle for part, or all of your trip.   

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Your holiday purchase is fully protected by PTS, protected Trust Services. Full details available. You benefit from the same levels of protection that you would receive from any of the major tour operators.
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We are excited to be the first company to offer "Bike & Hike" and the first in Europe to offer the opportunity to "tour" on an electric bike, starting in August 2023. We are also an Approved Tour Partner for ACT Adventure Country Tracks.

Professional Local Experts

Attention to detail, taking responsibility and caring about the service we provide combined with language help and local knowledge means that we are able to keep things running smoothly.

Safety Comes First

We actively encourage riders to try new experiences such as taking their adventure bike off-road for the first time, for example, but at an appropriate level and with full support.

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The British first started to visit the French side of the Pyrenees mountains in the middle of the 18th Century. It is now on the “must do” list for many motorcyclists. The reasons why are numerous; The weather is usually good, the roads are amazing, it is generally quieter than the Alps, its very easy to move between France and Spain, it is also close to home.

The mountains extend for approximately 267 miles (430 Km) from East to West and reach an Altitude of over 11,100ft/3400m. The climate, roads, scenery and roads are notably different on the French and Spanish sides. The principality of Andorra is well worth a visit too.

Many of the highest passes are closed from around November to May or even June.  Lower level passes tend to remain open for most of the year and can still provide some wonderful riding conditions throughout the winter. The Spanish side is generally warmer and drier, providing lots of options for winter rides or for trail riding during poor weather in the high passes.