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They say “as one door closes, another opens” and this has certainly been true for me. Until the Covid 19 Pandemic led to me being made redundant, I had what many would see as the dream job. I was employed as a Captain on state of the art Boeing aircraft, flying passengers and cargo around the globe.

It was, however, never my dream job. It was, of course, a great experience. I flew with many pilots who had never wanted to do anything else other than to fly. This was not me. I just wanted to ride motorbikes. 

Helping other people enjoy motorbikes, now that’s a dream job.


Graham Hegarty

Our mission is to inspire. We aim to encourage people to take their first touring holiday or to experience new aspects of motorcycling whether they are 20 or 70 years old. We wish to integrate motorcycling with other leisure activities and we want to proactively drive the take up of electric motorcycles. We wish for our tours to be remembered forever and to act as a starting point, leading to further adventures

Who are MotoGT

Graham Hegarty, Director