Are you ready for a real adventure? 

We are! 

Join us on this amazing trip through beautiful Romania. We will be following the fantastic track put together by the ACT Team. 

This, alongside Greece, is potentially the hardest of the ACT tracks, requiring off-road skills and  experience, We are including a day’s training from a local expert to prepare the team for the adventure that lies ahead. This tour is for solo riders only and is not suitable for pillions/passengers. 

You will have a team to look after you and a  support vehicle to carry any heavy items of yours, as well as tools, the tents we provide, first aid equipment, emergency food supplies and everything you need to have a safe and relatively comfortable adventure. We say RELATIVELY comfortable because ACT Tracks are a challenge. A good level of bike  fitness is required. 

After completion of the training we will also be taking 6 or 7 days, rather than the standard 5, to complete the trail. This will allow extra time to enjoy the stunning scenery as well as planned and unplanned stops that will arise. Even with a support vehicle and a team to help deal with any technical issues that arise these tracks are based on long days in the saddle. A little extra time will help reduce the pressure and gives more flexibility regarding accommodation. 

We will be staying in a mix of campsites/hostels and hotels. For the days when we provide a tent and you bring anything else that you need. Camp sites will all offer full facilities, this is not wild camping. 

We are happy to carry as much stuff in the van as we can but access to it will be limited whilst off road so pack well and pack light! We are happy to advise as to what to bring. For those that do not want to camp we can arrange accommodation close to the campsites.

All images used with the kind permission of ACT Adventure Country Tracks


Image used with kind permission of ACT Adventure Country Tracks


9 Days
from GBP 1800
2ookm+/FULL DAY
group size

ADVENTURE Highlights

We give you full support but you still have to prepare.

 This means that it will be tiring and at times physically demanding. Teamwork will help to manage energy levels, as will being able to leave items in the support vehicle rather than carrying them on the bike. 

If you are using your own bike it must be well maintained, protected and have suitable tyres. In general 50/50 tyres would be a good option. The surfaces are a mix of gravel, rock, mud and every combination of these that you would expect to find. Hills can be very steep. There are some optional sections that are proving to be very tricky, especially in bad weather. Those that wish to can attempt them, with a guide/instructor on hand,  whilst those that prefer to take the less technical option will be guided along the standard route. 

For those that wish we are very happy to give you the option to “lead” the group (under the watchful eye of one of the team) on sections of the track. There are also other roles that will be offered to those wishing to benefit as much as possible from the experience but they are entirely optional. 

What's Included


  • Time and place chosen to coincide with ferry arrivals
  • Option to meet on day 2 or day 3 for fly/ride travellers. 
  • Bike Hire available through as well as other external companies.
  • Prior to the track all road riding will be avoiding the motorways to preserve our tyres for what lies ahead.
  • The training will begin on the ride to Santarem. The objective of the training is to ensure that as a minimum everybody is safe to ride the trails but also to work on existing skills and to learn techniques that will make life easier on the track. It is also deigned to be enjoyed!!
  • Diogo will be on hand throughout the ACT Track and is happy to offer help/suggestions etc as we cover the off-road sections each day.
  • The training take into account experience levels, bike size etc so it may be that we split into groups.
  • We will be camping at or very near to the training facility. This evening will be a good chance to get to know each other before we head down to start the track.
  • Final check of all bikes. Make sure fully fuelled and chain maintenance etc is complete.
  • There have been reports of difficulties in finding food along the track, even in towns. We will take emergency food with us in the support vehicle.
  • The aim is to leave the accommodation at 8am to get a good start on the track
  • A good opportunity to get laundry done.
  • 245 KM
  • 65% off road
  • Easy/Medium Difficulty
  • Long day but generally less technical
  • 285 KM
  • 40% Off road
  • Big distance but not too technical, one of the easiest days?
  • 235 km
  • 40% Off road
  • Easy Difficulty level
  • 255 KM
  • 50 % Off road
  • Easy to Medium difficulty
  • 55% Off road
  • 180KM
  • Medium/Hard Difficulty
  • OPTIONAL technical sections. Steep hills and slippery when wet.
  • Final push, followed by a relaxing evening. Hotel accommodation.

Essential Information